Our Mission

The Foundation's goal is to enhance programs, equipment and services available to Selah students and staff.

In the fall of 2014, a group of parents and leaders met to discuss how we might be able to bring together the resources and talents of our community to benefit students in Selah. The group wanted to look for new ways that we could make the education experience for students truly special and so the Foundation was born in early 2015.

What We've Achieved

  • Mailed Free Books Every Month to Selah’s Pre-K Kids
  • Contributed to a New Trailer for Selah High Marching Band
  • Sponsored Ready! for Kindergarten Parent Training
  • Helped Purchase Robotic Kits for Selah Intermediate School SEEK and After School Programs
  • Sponsored the Mobile Mammoth Exhibit Visit to John Campbell Elementary
  • Funded a Makers’ Classroom at Selah Intermediate
  • Contributed to UW Suzzallo Library Field Trip for College in the High School English Classes
  • Purchased Eclipse Viewing Glasses for Selah students and staff

SEF Board Members

Current Roster

  • Ryan Franklin (President)
  • Jordan Matson (Vice-President)
  • Karmelle Richards (Treasurer)
  • Lisa Smith (Secretary)
  • Shane Backlund
  • Kirk Ehlis
  • Heidi Herzog
  • Leslie McCracken
  • Heidi O'Malley
  • Dan Peters
  • Brian Rafferty
  • Chris Scacco
  • Ann Washut