Announcing: Selah Education Foundation Scholarship

Selah Education Foundation

Scholarship Program Outline

February, 2019

Program Description:

Selah Education Foundation (SEF) created a scholarship annually to graduating students of the Selah School District.  Students apply in January and February and SEF will review applications in April. Award decisions will be announced in May.  The program will award $3,000 in scholarships each year. The size of each award will depend on the number of applications received (4 x $750; 5 x $600; 3 x $1,000, etc.).  

Eligible Students:

All students planning to attend college, trade schools, or other professional training are encouraged to apply.  Students must be enrolled in the Selah School District and on track to graduate in the year of their application.  Students must submit an application and brief essay describing their plans for after high school.

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated based on a number of criteria. The ultimate decisions on the awards will be made by the SEF Board of Directors.  Criteria may include, but is not limited to:

  • Attendance records at school.

  • Submission of a well thought out essay on post HS plans.

  • Timely receipt of all application materials.

  • Class grades will be considered, but are not a primary factor.

Selah Education Foundation Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Submission Process

Below are the steps for submitting a Scholarship Application to the Selah Education Foundation (SEF).Please contact the SEF Board at with any questions. 

Step 1: Complete and provide the following:

    • Scholarship Application (this form).

    • Personal Essay (no more than 300 words) describing your future plans after high school.  Please describe your educational and professional goals as well as how a scholarship from. SEF will help you to achieve those goals.

    • School attendance data and grades.

Step 2: Submit Documents:

    • Scholarship Application Packet should be submitted via email or mail to Rena at the SHS Counselor’s office.


    • Scholarship Applications must be received by no later than April 10th, 2019.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

    • Applications missing any of the above information will not be considered.

    • Review of applications will be conducted at our April Board meeting and award winners will be notified in May.


  • SEF scholarships may range in amount from $250 to $1,500 depending on the number of awards for that year.

  • There is no minimum G.P.A. required to qualify for this scholarship.  SEF would like to support the career and educational goals of all Selah Students. 

  • The scholarship is available only to graduating seniors of the Selah School District and is a one-time award (non-renewing).  

Selah Education Foundation  Scholarship Application  



Name of applicant:____________________________________________________________________ .   

Mailing address: _____________________________________________________________  .

Phone number: _____________  Email:  ________________.

# of absences from school during senior year _______.  Please describe reason for absences if significant: ______________________________________________________________

G.P.A. : ______.

OTHER INFORMATION (Attach additional pages if necessary)

Briefly list the things you spend your time doing outside of school:

Have others in your family attended college?    Y  /   N      

Briefly describe how your education has helped prepare you for life after graduation:

Briefly describe an area that you would like to see improved in education in Selah:

Applicant Signature:_________________________________________   Date  ______________

*Please attach your Personal Essay and documentation of attendance and class grades to this application*

Get your 2nd Annual SEF Fan Night tickets while they last!


Monday June 11th 5pm


$35 buys dinner and chances to win many, many, prizes!

We will have a list of names at the door, but please bring your receipt (on your phone works) as your ticket to the event.

Here are just some of the raffle items and silent auction goodies that await:

4 Mariners tickets and VIP Parking Pass for Friday, August 3 vs Toronto from Clear Risk Solutions.

4 Terrace Club tickets from the Mariners.

Two Sounders tickets vs. FC Dallas on August 12th (plus possibly scarves or swag?)

A Husky Football Package: Tickets/Parking etc… Details to come.

A round of golf /plus use of golf cart from River Ridge.

An Amazon Kindle from Wells Fargo.

Car detail value $99 and 4 oil changes from Better All Auto Sales.

Kings Scoop gift certificate.

River Canyon Espresso gift certificate.

Tailgaters shirt/hat plus gift certificate.

Makers Space Under Construction

A HUGE Thank you to Pacific Power for a grant that made this all possible!!

Last fall, we took a quick trip to Selah Intermediate School where Mr. Brian Lund has used a combination of grants to construct a new "Makers" classroom for his 3-5 grade students. They've been working on building Little Free Libraries for the community. Design, construction, angles, art, all in a hands on environment. Here are a few pictures.

Zombie Pizza Night a Hit

SEF held their 1st Annual Cheese Zombie and Pizza feed at the recent Selah v. Wapato basketball games on January 20th, 2018.  The event raised funds for grants given to teachers and buildings in the Selah School District. And, we had great help from Selah students and the staff at the Selah Wells Fargo. We'd also like to send a special thanks to TreeTop, Matson Fruit, Spokane Produce, Costco, Dominos and Pepsi for donating food and paper products. 

Save the Date

SEF is planning something BIG for the home basketball games on January 20th versus the Wapato Wolves.  Here's an esay way to help support Selah Education: look for our banner, and bring an appetite (and some cash!) to the game, and stop by our table for your Saturday night meal.

Here's just a quick hint about the deliciousness to come: